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  • Frank Stiff Sardoni Jr.

    Stiff is the reigning Madden NFL world champion. He defeated several of Madden's best players and ultimately Eric "Problem" Wright in the championship match by a score of 37-21 to take home the title.

    Stiff has been playing competitively since Madden 13 and has quickly climbed his way to the top of the competitive Madden world.

  • Pete Litezout Calefato

    Litezout has been involved in competitive Madden since 2006, dominating local New York tournaments and making several deep national tournament runs in Madden Championships, Madden Challenges, and MLG events.

    Litezout is widely recognized as being one of the top Madden minds in the community. His schemes and play style have dramatically impacted the meta over the past several seasons.

  • Sam Fiasco Policicchio

    Fiasco has gained respect in the competitive Madden community for his innovative offensive schemes that dominate opposing defenses. He is the co-author of many of the best-selling Madden gameplans of all time.

    Fiasco won his first underground tournament in 2009 and has been competing and strategizing against the best Madden players in the world ever since.